2. Find the industry that attracts you

We are going to look at a few different examples of industry.
It is up to you to read and explore more about the industry that interests you the most. If you cannot find one here that make you feel, "That's something I like!", then use the Internet to broaden your search.


Have a look at the following list of industries and discuss what you like and dislike with people close to you. As you discuss this, make notes of key interest words that you can use to do an Internet search.

Link your interests and preferences to an industry:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry,
  • Fishing, and Mining
  • Transport and Storage
  • Health and Community Services
  • Engineering
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Science and the Environment
  • Retail, Wholesale and International Trade
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Services to Communication
  • Business and Property Services
  • Cultural, Information and
  • Recreational Services
  • Construction and Electricity,
  • Gas and Water Supply
  • Education and Social Sciences
  • Personal, Protection and Legal Services
  • Government Administration and Defense
  • Manufacturing


Need Internet Access?
You will need Internet access in order to perform most of the following tasks. "How to get Internet access" will show you various ways of accessing Internet locally.

Explore the following web sites for some insight into these different industries:

Link your interests and work preferences to the industry that attracts you most. If you have limited exposure to and knowledge about a specific industry that interests you, look at the following suggestions to get some clarity!

The following actions will assist you in your exploration:

  • Find magazines in bookstores and learn more about the specific industry.
  • Make use of the Telkom yellow pages to find people who operate in your potential industries of interest.
  • Locate these industries in your neighborhood or in your close surroundings.
  • Ask the people close to you if they know of such industries or if they can introduce you to someone who does.
  • Make use of the Google online search engine and search for information on your specific industry to help you understand what that industry is all about:
    • read online magazines (also called e-zines)
    • find and read white papers
    • use Wikipedia to read up on your industry of choice

Use of the following web links:


Online Magazines:

Using magazines

What is online magazines - Wikipedia

What is white papers?

What is Ezines?


Using Google:

Search with Google.com

Google help file

Google Support




Do you have an Email Address?
If you do not have an email address make use of Gmail.
Your email address allows you to have access to relevant and fun information when signing up on various website for their newsletters and e-zines. If you identified magazines you feel applies to your industries of choice, visit their website and join their mailing list. White papers will usually have links to websites that apply to your industries of choice.


Use of the following web links:

How do I create my own Gmail?

Gmail Help Centre

Gmail tips

Start documenting your findings

Open a Word document and write down the information and websites that you like and find interesting. Be specific about why you liked them and start capturing all your findings. Use the following link on the right pane if you do not know how to record your findings. You can name your Word document "My Career Development Plan."

The reasons for recording your findings will become more obvious later on, but for now just know that you are assembling a portfolio of evidence to document your growth and to gather information for your Resume.


Continue to identify the career in the specific industry.



Step 1: Education Expose to opportunities
Step 2: Desired Industry
Step 3: Identify your career
Step 4: What you enjoy doing
Step 5: Skills and Qualifications Required
Step 6: Build and implement your plan


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