3. Identify the career of your choice

Any career can exist within any industry. When we say, "Find a career in your industry of choicein the specific industry," we mean the following...

If you are, for example, a sports enthusiast and you have a natural interest in accounting and numbers you can always work towards being an accountant for a club or any other business dealing with sports.


Combine what you enjoy doing with the career of your choice. If you had to describe your perfect career, what words would you use and what about this career attracts you? Choose three specific words and note them in your Word document you created earlier. (if you struggle, refer back the previous activity by clicking here)


Click on BLS-Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Use the alphabetical letters provided within the BLS website to identify the careers you would like to explore. Take your time and get some perspective on just how many careers are available and how dynamic your work life can be.

If you take some time and put effort into finding something you really like, you will forever enjoy the work you do and your work-life-income will increase exponentially! Also, use this South African website, Careerplanet, to find more information on local careers.


Check yourself by answerng the following questions:

  • Does this career align with what you enjoy doing?
  • Did you read more about this career?
  • Are you keen to read more about this career?


If you have limited experience and knowledge about the career in your chosen industry, look at the following suggestion to get some clarity.

The following actions will assist you in your exploration:

The following actions will assist you in your exploration:
(links available on the right pane.)

  • Find magazines in bookstores and learn more about the specific career.
  • Make use of the Telkom yellow pages to find people who operate in your potential career and industry.

  • Locate these careers in your neighborhood or in your close surroundings.

  • Ask the people close to you if they know of such careers in industries or if they can introduce you to someone who does.

  • Make use of the Google online search engine and search for information on your specific career in the industry to help you understand what that career is all about:

      • find and read online magazines (also called e-zines)

      • find and read more on white papers

      • use Wikipedia to read up on your industry of choice.


Use of the following web links:

Online Magazines:

Using magazines

What is online magazines - Wikipedia

What is white papers?

What is Ezines?

Using Google:

Search with Google.com

Google help file

Google Support


Continue capturing your findings

Continue adding information on your Word document called "My Career Development Plan" and state the specific career you find interesting with added websites and say why you find them interesting. Always be as specific as you can when you say what you like about different careers.


Continue to identify the career in the specific industry.



Step 1: Education Expose to opportunities
Step 2: Desired Industry
Step 3: Identify your career
Step 4: What you enjoy doing
Step 5: Skills and Qualifications Required
Step 6: Build and implement your plan


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