4. Identify and explore what you enjoy doing

If you are already convinced of the direction you have chosen for yourself, then you can skip this step and move on to the follwoing step! Continue...

Answer the questions for yourself to help clarify what you enjoy doing:

  • Which subjects were you particularly fond of in school?
  • Which activities or projects did you enjoy in school or in past jobs? (This could include anything from sports, organizing events or people, arts and crafts, mechanics or writing. Literally, anything you enjoyed.)
  • Which activities do you currently enjoy? This is important because these activities indicate what you are naturally good at and can guide your career decisions!
  • Do you enjoy working with People, Things or Activities?
  • Which skills do you currently have that will add value to other people?  (Think of anything your friends or family ask you, something they always hassle you to help them out with, for example fixing their computer, helping them fix a mechanical object or maybe write a document, anything you are good with.)
  • Name one thing you know you are very good with.
  • What role do you play in your family or household? (Are you the one everybody comes to for advice, do you naturally take care of your brothers and sisters, maybe you always plan the family days out, or are you the one that always makes everybody laugh? Remember, you can be one thing or many things, name them all.)
  • Mention one activity you would love to do all day if money was not part of the consideration.
  • List the things that you do not enjoy.


When you are done answering these questions, you will be surprised to find what you like doing, and how you can use this knowledge to find a career that will best suit you!

The following questions supports the above questions and is important because they will indicate what you are good at and can guide your career decisions!

  • What did you enjoy doing in the past?
  • What did you NOT enjoy doing in the past?
  • How do your interests link to the activities you enjoy


If you are still struggling with the above questions, do more exploring by using:

  • Ebio's work-preference as well as
  • Ebio's personality, aptitudes, interest and values explanations.

Use the following links:


Completing these exercises will help you get an understanding of your work preference. You will find words, phrases and ideas that best describe your interests and ideal career. Use the links on the right pane for futher personal exploration.


Continue to determine the skills & qualifications required.




Step 1: Education Expose to opportunities
Step 2: Desired Industry
Step 3: Identify your career
Step 4: What you enjoy doing
Step 5: Skills and Qualifications Required
Step 6: Build and implement your plan


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