5. Determine the skills and qualifications required

See whether you can find the following by looking at the websites that you found interesting.


Try finding the answers for these skills related questions:

  • List two required skills (competencies) associated with your chosen industry and career.

  • What other competencies and technical language (jargon) do you require for the industry and career that interests you? Can you get these skills through work experience or do you need formal training?

  • Could you use your current skills, experience and talents in this career?
    (In other words, in what way do you want to do the work in your chosen career?)

  • Lastly, what skills and knowledge do you still need to master in order to do this work well?


The best way to get career specific competencies, knowledge and experience is within a company. Follow through with this process and in a short while you will be able to get access to different selected companies and eventually have a choice of a few jobs within your chosen career.


However, first, make use of the company you have easiest access to and build your experience; you need to do the following:

  • Do research on the industry and master the industry knowledge.
  • Use Wikipedia and other knowledge web sites.
    Know the technical language (jargon) used in the industry.
  • Increase your knowledge base on your chosen career.
  • Develop your inter-intra personal communication skills.
  • Be fluent in, reading, writing and speaking English
  • Know enough about the numbers (mathematical principles) as applied in the industry and career.
  • Use the wealth of knowledge and tools available from computers and the internet.  (Microsoft Word, - Excel, email and other valuable internet tools).


Tell others what you are doing and get their input continuously to accelerate your career growth! Find or meet people with similar interests so that you can learn with them. Working in groups allows you to get access to expertise and resources wider than you on your own will have access to. Working in groups keeps you motivated. Peer group learning is an excellent way of acquiring the necessary skills. Start by finding two other people with whom you can learn. Ebio's group processes will guide you to find these people!


A powerful way to link to the required resources is to realize that you know at least 5 to 10 people who in turn know at least 10 people. Amongst the 50 people, you are bound to find a starting point enabling you to move towards your required resources!


The process flows like this:

  • Identify the work you want to do
  • Identify the skills you need to be able to do this work
  • Ensure you are able to communicate clearly in English
  • Build a clear and simple plan and test your plan with others
  • Find a company using your immediate network, friends and family
  • Get access to this company using your clearly and simple plan
  • Build relevant experience
  • Fast track your career

When you are stuck in your career or simply need to grow, just repeat the same process.


Continue to implement your plan.




Step 1: Education Expose to opportunities
Step 2: Desired Industry
Step 3: Identify your career
Step 4: What you enjoy doing
Step 5: Skills and Qualifications Required
Step 6: Build and implement your plan


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