6. Build and begin to implement your plan

Find someone willing to help you get access to the specific career:

  • Do you know of people in similar careers?

  • Who are they?

  • Ask a family member or friend if they know anyone who they can introduce you to currently in a similar career.

  • Use the Work Entry Letter, as used by the Potchefstroom students, to get access to a practical work experience.

  • Complete a practical week / shadow week, and start observing and learning from a variety of people in the workplace.

  • Ask them if you can be of use to them in basic services like cleaning, tool carrying and/or coffee making. (If you do not have any other skills to contribute to them in return for the experience)

  • Do anything that will make you useful to them! Ask the people around you key questions about the work and the business to get involved and noticed while you learn.

  • Offer to complete tasks to experience the basics. If possible, move from business to business to get a variety of experience.

  • Observe what they do and ask them to show you how to do it so that you can be of more help to them. Soon they might start paying you for adding value to them.


Please note:
It is important to learn at your own pace while implementing your plan, getting more experience in your chosen career or business and growing your skills and competencies. Make this recipe a natural part of your day-to-day life. If you take your time and put effort into this process, you will forever enjoy the work you do and your work-life-income will increase exponentially!


Remember if you practice and implement this process naturally:

  • You will be able to dynamically change your career when opportunities present themselves
  • You will grow your knowledge and build your network in the industry of your choice
  • You will be able to quickly and effectively identify all the help you need to bridge any knowledge and experience gaps
  • You will be able to choose formal study courses that fit with the work you enjoy.



Step 1: Education Expose to opportunities
Step 2: Desired Industry
Step 3: Identify your career
Step 4: What you enjoy doing
Step 5: Skills and Qualifications Required
Step 6: Build and implement your plan


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