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Subject: The Doctorate investigates the process of self-learning with intrinsically driven motivation in education.
Content: Self-learners with clear goals and intrinsic urgency. The learners access the community resources through links with the community leaders. They use processes to gain knowledge, supported through the Internet.
Outcomes: Each learner applies the processes that form a life habit of competence, knowledge and skills acquisition.
Value proposition: The participants and advisors gain value through involvement and clarified knowledge with increased credibility.


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1 The process summary
1.1 Intrinsically motivated learners
1.2 Learners access resources
1.3 Internet infrastructure supports the processes
1.4 Results managed
2 Groups of participants and beneficiaries
2.1 Driver functions
2.2 The focus of the doctorate
2.3 Education and educators
2.4 The beneficiaries become investors
2.5 Successful people with skills and knowledge
3 Advisors and their network assets
4 Assets in each participating group
5 Managing the flow of value
6 Required project documents
7 Required models to explain thinking
8 Speeches, graphics and stories
9 Valuable networks
10 Valuable networks/links
11 Valuable suppliers


The diagram explained

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  1. The process summary
1.1 Intrinsically motivated learners

The process should get learners to set goals that are self-chosen with resources and clear paths to reach the goals.

The outcomes include:

  • Awareness of resources and choices
    (Learners can state why we live in the best time ever!)
  • Awaken intrinsic motivation to set and reach a goal
  • Develop habits that generate innovative solutions
  • Experience and get hooked on contribution to society
  • Experience the gains from ethical behaviours
  • Wake up pride in own talents and culture generating self-worth and self-esteem
  • Acquire a process to choose, commit and acquire knowledge with skills.



Groups of participants and beneficiaries

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2.1 Driver functions

The Doctorate candidate as the driver instigates the processes of value flow to and from beneficiaries and advisors. The advisors drive the value flows and links with resource owners and links/networks.
The Doctorate creates the focus and energy that drive the value flow between beneficiaries, advisors and role players.

All participants understand the rules and outcomes. We offer clear rules, contracts and project plans.

2.2 The focus of the doctorate
Learners at school are the core focus of the valuable doctorate. The processes are expected to generate intrinsically motivated self-learning at all walks of life.
Parents, teachers, Government and community leaders should be interested in the direct benefits of the outcomes.
2.3 Education and educators
Education and educators can meet the challenge to deliver ready students and employees.
The processes leave participants aware, committed and intrinsically motivated to learn. The participants have self-chosen goals with clear paths and access to resources with processes to meet the goals.
2.4 The beneficiaries become investors
The responsible people in Government, business and the community, benefits from pro-active learners acquiring knowledge and skills. They are informed and indirectly provide the guidance to educators, civic leaders, civil leaders and business managers.
2.5 Successful people with skills and knowledge
Experienced active and retired people give and arrange access to knowledge, skills and resources through experiences.
The participating active people grow their own careers and business contributions.
The participating retired people gain involvement and grow their legacy.
They are engaged for their interests, experiences and expertise.

Advisors and their network assets

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The advisors participate to manage the value flows for their own benefits. They apply their assets in interests, experiences and expertise for the value they gain directly from participation/involvement.

Assets in each participating group

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Each participating group or individual apply their assets for the value exchanged with the valuable doctorate.

Assets can be found in their interests, experience, expertise and links or networks. You will be amazed when you involve people in their area of natural activity. They are trusted by twenty or more people you do not know. Four advisors bring eighty people to the project.

The typical assets for each group are described within the group.


Managing the flow of value

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The value flows from the valuable doctorate and the participants are clarified and managed.

Required project documents

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  • Project agreement template
  • Contractors agreement template
  • Advisor agreements template
  • A “profitable Doctorate”
  • Contract graphics to assist insights. Enterprise living graphics.

Required models to explain thinking

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Ebio speeches, graphics and stories

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  • Self-learning web sites will guide the process and use of selected sites.
  • Education reference material. The web is crowded with free or low cost support material for students and teachers.
  • The triangle that let you grow knowledge and great careers (Fly-wheel of successful project)
  • We live in the best time ever
  • Business and work access on the
  • Career Guidance Course.
  • support the processes
  • Social development story as socio-economic investment
  • A future data base to support it all. We plan a database for community inventory. will be developed within ebio.

Valuable networks/links

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We find lots of verifiable and useful information from people who share or market their interests, experiences, expertise and networks.
It is always a possibility to engage and involve selected people that nationalize and internationalize the project.

Valuable networks/links:

  • Business chambers
  • Civic
  • Civil
  • Sife
  • Ashoka

Valuable suppliers

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  • Financial
  • Commercial
  • Education

Valuable web sites

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Valuable web sites will be added here soon!

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