Unre Visagie - success story:

I am passionate about family, friends and productivity.

As a social entrepreneurial facilitator I apply myself and resources to support family and friends, create competencies and Business growth.
I participate and implement Government productivity programs. Activly engage in civic and civil life.

Personal productivity through personal competencies linked to programs, services and products

www.ebio.co.za and
personal web sites e.g. www.nicholasgrobler.com.
Business as in incubators site www.nexts.co.za
Government programs
Business supply linked with demand for personal income, profit and wealth
People not yest productive is viewed as potential and opportunity

I am a family and community person who are passionate about people becoming productive while being aligned with their passion and work in a growth industry. It is fun and profitable for all concerned when they thrive.

I accumulated experiences developing people and teams in my own businesses. I now focus on and read about people in work and business - knowledge that will help people developp.



Current Case Studies

Niret Grobler
Andrew Visagie
Unre Visagie
Nadine Stoltz
Joshua Mahlangu
Bongani Khumalo